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Boarding Your Horse at Topsider Farm

     Most horses at Topsider Farm are boarded in stalls. Most stalls are 12 x 12 wooden stalls with a clay floor. Most stalls have rubber mats covering some or all of the floor.

Limited pasture board is also available. Horses are turned out in small groups of mares or geldings in pastures, or individually in large paddocks. They have access to turn-out sheds for shelter. 


All Boarders at Topsider Farm have full use of the facility. A space is provided in the Tack Room and a parking spot provided for your horse trailer. Indoor wash stalls with hot and cold running water, a light and fan are available for use. The wooden round pen, covered dressage arena, grass outdoor arena, and jump/riding field with stadium and a few cross country type jumps are available for your use.

We can arrange farrier care for your horse with

one of our excellent farriers. 

Vet service is provided by the

Texas A&M Large Animal Ambulatory Service. 


All Board at Topsider Farm includes an average hay and grain ration.

An average grain ration is up to about 5 pounds of grain per day. An average hay ration is 4 flakes of Coastal hay or 3 flakes of Coastal and

1 flake of Alfalfa hay per day.

We provide Purina feed products and good quality

alfalfa and Coastal hay.

For stall boarded horses grain rations are divided into 3 feedings per day to promote digestion and utilization of nutrients. Hay rations are also divided into 3 or 4 feedings per day. Stalled Horses thereby get something to eat about every 3 hours throughout the day & evening.

For pasture boarded horses hay and grain rations are divided into

2 or 3 feedings per day.

Supplements provided by owners are added to grain at no extra charge.

Winter blanketing and un-blanketing is also included in the cost of board.  


   All Stall Board is full care. 

  Full Care includes 6 feedings per day, turn out and bring in, daily stall cleaning, bedding, watering stall buckets and paddock tanks.

During the summer, horses are turned out at night and are inside during the heat of the day.  Each stall has a fan (provided by the horse's owner), and some barn siding is removed to maximize air flow. 

    In winter horses go out during the day, are in at night, and the barn siding goes back up to keep the barn cozy


Board Prices as of May, 2014

The current price for stall board at Topsider Farm is $565 per month. 

The current price for pasture board at Topsider Farm is $305 per month.

Due to the long-standing drought and resulting hay shortages, a hay surcharge is currently added to board fees. This fee varies based on hay prices and will be reduced or eliminated if hay prices normalize with RAIN and good local hay production.


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